Allied 6 lpm Orifices for Minilator, 5/box


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Features of the VE Ralph LSP Minilator:

  • The versatile LSP Minilator features 50 psig outlets, which can be used to operate a demand resuscitator valve, suction device, CPAP mask, or ventilator. 
  • All five oxygen outlets can function simultaneously, supplying 40 to 60 psig or low flow oxygen. 
  • Threaded barbed fittings with metered orifices can be fitted to the DISS check valves to provide consistent accurate flow rates of 4, 6, 10 or 15 liters per minute. 
  • Using standard DISS outlets, the Minilator is easily attached via standard oxygen hoses and/or connectors. 
  • The zippered nylon case keeps the components clean and stores them fully assembled and ready to operate. 
  • Several Minilators can be connected in tandem for emergency or mass casualty situations where more than five oxygen outlets are required.