Spiracle Carbon Fiber Oxygen Vessels, EE-Lite


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Features of the VE Ralph Spiracle Carbon Fiber Oxygen Vessels:

  • The Spiracle Technology Carbon Fiber Oxygen Vessels are ideal for search and rescue, aeromedical transports, transport incubators and ventilators. 
  • The ‘DD’-Lite can be mounted to a Ferno 35-A+ or 93EX Squadmate cot and can even be mounted to the back of an EMS bicycle.  
  • Two custom designed kits, the ERC BackPack and the SAR BackPack, allow you to go further, and carry more oxygen with the lightest oxygen vessels available.  
  • The significant reduction in weight and greater capacity of these carbon fiber vessels means you can carry more oxygen to remote locations, on-board helicopters, up flights of stairs
  • and in your ambulance.
  • The’EE’-lite and ‘DD’-lite are fully wrapped, carbon fiber reinforced, aluminum lined vessels. 
  • Both vessels are manufactured using the highest grade aerospace materials.  
  • The construction consists of a seamless 6061-T6 alloy aluminum liner fully overwrapped with epoxy impregnated polyacrylonitrile, PAN-based carbon fibers.  
  • Both vessels carry the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulatory approvals, including design and qualification certifications.
  • The ‘EE’-Lite contains two times the amount of oxygen found in a standard ‘E’ cylinder and the ‘DD’-Lite holds approximately *twice the amount of oxygen contained in a steel ‘D’ cylinder.